Satoyama and Satoumi selected as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Sites

Manufacturing based on Noto standards

Genuine quality, carefully selected materials

Live in nature, learn from nature

Protecting the ecosystem without putting a strain on the environment

Circulate locally

About NAIA

NAIA is a natural healthcare brand that aims to provide healthy living and protect the abundant nature of our planet for 10, 20 years and beyond.
In addition to using natural ingredients, we develop high-quality, effective and safe products by maximizing the appeal of traditional natural ingredients cultivated in the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System "Noto no Satoyama Satoumi." We also aim to address social issues such as population decline and aging, and to maintain a rich and sustainable natural environment for the next 100 years.

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NAIA Brand Commitment

1. We will develop products that are deeply rooted in the nature and culture of Oku-Noto, and create new value from local resources.

2. We choose natural ingredients whenever possible, and do not use petroleum-derived or chemically synthesized ingredients as a general rule.

3. We use carefully selected local agricultural products with consideration for the environment and safety.

4. We will combine traditional farming methods with the latest technology to help preserve local biodiversity.

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NAIA Partners

Our products are supported by the wonderful craftsmen of Oku-Noto.

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